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E-bike Solution
Model Number:Smart Tracker
Place of Origin:China
Keywords:Smart Tracker
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Applying NB-IoT Network , supporting both GPS/Beidou Dual mode positioning advanced intelligent terminal.

Unique anti-dismantle appearance design, small size, easy installation.

High speed & accurate positioning , monitoring of the real-time status-quo of E-bike by App and management platform.

Information transmission by NB Network, trajectory playback of the source, over-speed alarm ,low-voltage battery test alarm , disassembly device alarm, vibration alarm and so on.

Except the application in E-Bike management , smart terminal can also be widely used in vehicle tracking, logistics monitor, car finance lease management, car rental risk management and so on.

By E-bike management service cloud platform, mobile phone App and so on, car owner can get vehicle information anytime, real-time monitor to e-bikes, report of situation information, anti-theft, ensure property safety and provide self-service inquiry of management information and car owner information to police ,realize “Owner, vehicle, things” seamless linkage.

?Record register

?Anti-theft tracing

?Intelligent correction

?Receiving alarm join up

?Business instruction scheduling

?Vehicle tracking deployment

?Big data analysis Statistical statement and case management